We are your premier Atlanta Sauna provider.  In today’s fast paced world we all need a break from the stress, tension and noise of every day life.  A traditional or Infrared sauna provides a private retreat – a mini-vacation right in your home.  As our Scandinavian ancestors knew centuries ago, the benefits of heat bathing are many.


A traditional Finnish sauna will provide the perfect quiet retreat at day’s end or will complement your health and fitness program.  The warm enveloping heat of a sauna combined with the soft steam created by sprinkling water on rocks, provides the ultimate way to reduce stress and ease aching muscles.  

There are multiple health benefits of a sauna.  The high temperature in a sauna stimulates blood flow and circulation, causing blood vessels in the skin to expand and become more flexible. This better blood flow helps lower blood pressure. Sauna therapy also helps with respiratory problems by alleviating chest congestion, which can relieve complications from bronchitis, laryngitis and other respiratory disease.  From detoxification to weight loss the benefits of a Sauna are enumerable.

With a Infrared sauna you get muscle therapy and heat benefits like you’ve never enjoyed before.  Whether for sport, therapy or general wellness,  for spot heat treatment or for basking your whole body in the radiating heat, Infared will provide soothing relief.  

The decision to reward yourself with a sauna will be an everlasting gift of wellness and well being for years to come.

Have a spare closet or room you are considering converting into a Sauna?  Check our our online sauna store for ideas in designing the sauna of your dreams.

At Southeast Leisure, premier Atlanta Sauna provider we are committed to bringing you the best products money can buy at the best available price.  Are you looking for a Sauna in Atlanta?  Contact us today!

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