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Creating the perfect commercial steam shower environment for your guests is the goal of every spa business owner.  A variety of Commercial steam generators and commercial steam boilers are available to suite any need and paired with any number of Commercial Steam Controls you can ensure your guests the ultimate steam bath experience time and again.  Working on a new commercial spa, health club or fitness center project?  Contact us – with 20 years of experience and completed installations in world renowned facilities, we are happy to assist with drawings and specifications for your new project.

At Southeast Leisure, LLC our experience prefers one of the two models shown for all your Commercial Steam bath needs.  Although there are multiple options available for purchase in today’s marketplace, these proven winners are your best choice for optimal performance when it counts.  The Amerec AI Series Commercial Steam Boilers are ready made to serve multiple steam baths and ideal for large club or fitness center use.  The Amerec 3K series generator is and ideal choice for fitness center and club use as well as Spa and treatment centers.  The Amerec 3K can be optimized to provide a warm start eliminating any lengthy wait for optimal steam and is able to serve up to 1500 cubic foot of steam bath space at 208v/3-phase power.  Did you have something different in mind for your facility?  Simply contact us and we are happy to find you the most optimal steam bath generator or boiler to suite your facility’s needs.

Southeast Leisure, LLC is an Atlanta, GA commercial steam shower generator provider and installer.  We also service commercial steam shower generator.

Are you a club owner?  Do you need a preventative maintenance program for your commercial steam shower generator?  Contact us today!

Click on the pictures for additional details and product specifications and to shop our Commercial steam boilers and controls.  Control options are Generator specific and shown below Generator options.  Click on the pictures for additional information and to shop on line.

commercial steam shower generator erAI Series Commercial Steam Boilers  Are the generators of choice for large commercial steam rooms, and can help you create an inviting relaxing environment that adds real value and generates positive word of mouth and returns for your business.  Ideal for large steam rooms, the AI Series is designed for user enjoyment, ease of operation and long life.  The AI boilers are engineered for easy on-site maintenance and hands-off, automated operation.  From their corrosion resistant exteriors to their multiple safety features, AI boilers provide a welcome, genuine steam bath experience at less cost and with less hassle.  AI Boilers feature all-steel construction with powder coat exterior, brass fittings and stainless steel feet to prevent corrosion.  Designed to minimize downtime, AI boilers are easty to access and service with integrated diagnostic systems alert you to any problems using LED indicator lights.  Allows for one or two room operation, each controlled individually by low voltage on/off switches for maximum ease of use.  Available in single phase 240v and 208v and three phase 240v, 208v and 480v

Additional features:

  • ASME H Stamped Low pressure vessel, National Board registered
  • UL Listed
  • All steel construction with powder coat finish and stainless steel feet to prevent corrosion
  • Safety Features including
    • water level sight glass
    • 3 level water sensing system with optional low water cut off
    • High pressure cut off 
  • “Over-temperature shut down” turns elements off and blinks to show alarm
  • Designed for easy serviceability
    • Simple service access and control
    • Indicator lights with integral diagnostics
  • One or two-room operation with each room controlled individually.  Requires 2-room thermostatic control kit
  • CoolFlush ® Auto Drain Option performs recommended daily draining and flushing to reduce sludge and scale build up
    • Anti-vacuum drain system reduces gurgling noises and slow draining
    • Cools water in tank to 140° or less to prevent damage to plumbing drain system
    • Drain clock allows system to start at desired time of day, whether the generator is on or off.
  • OPTIONAL – Low water cut-off with manual reset prevents heating should the water level drop below safe levels
  • OPTIONAL 24-hour and 24-hour/7 day integral run and drain clocks
  • OPTIONAL “Refresh” control provides short bursts of steam on demand with a simple push button inside the steam room
    • Provides a 15 to 20 second burst of steam even if the room is at set temperature and not calling for steam

AI Series Commercial Boilers require separately purchased control various options are available to optimize your steam bathing program control options are outlined below.  Please contact us should you have any questions or need any additional information regarding control of the AI Series Commercial Boiler.

Amerec T100-B Touch ControlT100B-1 & T100B-2  Touch Control Offers Touch Screen operation for easy control of temperature and time settings.  Large screen displays steam bath temperatures and time of day.  Displays temperatures in farenheit or Celsius.  sleep mode with integral sensor to activate screen when approached.  Delayed start feature to pre-heat steam room at selected time up to 24 hours in advance.  Multiple language settings includes English & Spanish.  Remote-mounted sensor allows the Touch control to be mounted inside or outside the steam shower or steam room.  Flush mount low profile installation.  Installed dimensions 6-3/8″ x 4″ Wide.  Controls AI Series Commercial Steam Boiler along with various residential steam generators.   Click on the image to view Amerec’s European video of the T100 in use!


commercial steam shower generator ITI thermostat

ITI & IT2 Thermostat Remote or boiler mounted thermostat 1 required for each boiler can be remotely mounted or mounted directly on boiler.  Being able to consistently offer your customers the highest quality steam bath experience is always a good investment.    Required for operation of AI Series Commercial Steam Boiler   





I60 timer

I60 – 60 Minute Timer  60 minute timer to control steam flow in steam rooms with intermittent use.  Mounts adjacent to the Steam bath for convenience of use by bathers.  Controls AI Series Commercial Steam Boiler.






I24/7 & I24/1 Time Clocks – I24/7 Is a 7 day time clock that allows facility Manager to set the boiler to turn on and off at desired times for 2 hours segments.  The I24/1 is a 24 hour time clock that allows facility Managers to set the boiler to turn on and off at desired times for 30 minute segments.  Controls AI Series Commercial Steam Boiler






D24/7  Time Clocks – D24/7 Is a digital 7 day time clock that allows facility Manager to set the boiler to turn on and off at desired times for 2 hours segments – with battery back-up .  Controls AI Series Commercial Steam Boiler



3K series commercial

3K Series Commercial Steam Generator  Whatever the size of your facility, these days it is more important than ever to ensure customer comfort and satisfaction. The 3K series steam generator helps you create added value for guests cost effectively.  Easy to maintain and service the 3K Series steam generators are designed for use in smaller commercial steam baths that are operated for short, intermittent periods of time.  Their relatively compact size means they can be fitted even when space is at a premium, allow you to turn underused space into a wellness center that will be appreciated.  At the same time, they are powerful enough to provide a steady flow of soft gentle steam at even temperatures ensuring maximum guest comfort.  3K Series generators are purpose-designed for easy coupling multiple units can be connected together to effectively heat large steam rooms up to 1,500 cubic feet.  The 3K Series makes maintenance and access very easy, and includes power saving features.  Available options include warm start feature as well as auto drain kit.  Separate Control is required along with steam head.  3K Series Commercial Steam Generators are available in 208V 3 phase.


3K Series Commercial Generators require separately purchased control the various options that are available to optimize your steam bathing program are outlined below.  Please contact us should you have any questions or need any additional information regarding control of the 3K Series Commercial Steam Generator.



K200i Freedom Control Innovative wireless control provides the ultimate steam bathing experience.  The wireless remote control allows the spa operator facility manager to operate the control functions from virtually anywhere within 50′ of the steam shower.  Installation is simplified as there is no need to run control cables inside shower walls or drill through wall finish materials.  In addition to standard time and temperatures, the K200i remotely operates optional chromatherapy lighting, optional fragrance injector and optional EverSteam Air Circulation fan all from the touch of a button up to 50′ from your steam generator or right inside your steam bath without ever having to get up.  Optional control of 3K series commercial steam generator as well as AK series residential steam generators



3K dual k30DKT60/K30 Dual Controls – K60/K30 controls make it easy to control the most important features of your steam baths.  Dual 3 button digital controls display both temperature and time.  KT60 with integral temperature sensor mounts on the interior of the steam bath – Adjustable time duration up to 60 minutes and temperature up to 125°.  Control offers intuitive, easy to understand controls for features such as temperature control, on/off and timer setting.  Dual control kit includes 2 control cables and comfortflo steam head.  Optional control of 3K series commercial steam generator as well as AK series residential steam generators



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